Podcast Episode 2: Animals

It’s here! The second episode of Lost Moon Radio: The Podcast

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Episode 2: Animals: In which we chat with an Animal Whisperer, hang out with a cat, celebrate the life of local broadcasting legend Jerry Winthrop, and tackle the age-old question: “Which came first?”

Featuring the voices and musical performances of Will Greenberg, Dan Oster, Martha Marion, Jen Burton, Ryan Harrison, Lauren Flans, Dan Mahoney, Frank Smith, Mikey Wells, Dave McKeever, Rich Ramberg, Dylan Ris, and Brenton Kossak. Produced by Dave McKeever. Directed by Frank Smith. Musical Direction by Dylan Ris. Sketches and songs by Frank Smith, Ryan Harrison, Dylan Ris, Mikey Wells, Rich Ramberg, and Lauren Flans. Additional material by Jen Burton and Will Greenberg.

Material recorded in studio and live at King King Hollywood.

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Date: 07 Nov
Author: Lost Moon Radio

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