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Lost Moon Radio is hiring a Marketing and Press Relations Coordinator. It’s a part-time, paid position, and it could be you! Here is the job description:

Marketing and Press Relations Coordinator

Company Branding and Management

• Contribute to and execute the marketing and PR strategies of: the company and brand at large; individual live shows; digital content releases; and special events and promotions as needed.
• Join Weekly LMR Marketing Call as well as periodic meetings and additional calls.
• Serve as internal company coordinator to get all company members involved in marketing (emails, social media) and to hand out specific assignments to company members.

Social Media

• Maintain a regular, comprehensive, savvy, ambitious personal social media presence that fits the brand and increases Lost Moon brand awareness.
• Create and post content on the company social media platforms: Facebook, Facebook events, Twitter, and Tumblr.
• Expand social media following and engagement on Facebook and Twitter through increased interactions and other strategies.
• Explore and expand LMR presence on additional social medial platforms — Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, etc.


• Coordinate Marketing updates with Web Master, keeping the website up to date with information about Live Shows, New videos & special promotions.
• Review analytics to monitor for trends that lead to high traffic on the site.

YouTube Channel

• Upload new videos, making sure they are properly formatted, annotated, and labeled.
• Review analytics looking for trends, indications or repostings of videos and other opportunities.

Email Listserv

• Write and send out all Listserv emails promoting Live Shows, Videos, & Special Promotions.


• Oversee all aspects of merchandise: inventory, accounting, booth maintenance at the shows, etc.
• Explore and assess new merchandizing opportunities.

Press Relations

• Craft press releases for all live shows, digital launches, and special promotions.
• Distribute press releases to press, tastemakers, bloggers.


• Be a part of efforts to obtain branded sponsorships of Live Shows and Videos.
• Pursue efforts to form partnerships with other comedy groups or companies to cross promote, get free stuff, and whatever else.

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resumé to jobs@lostmoonradio.com.

Date: 12 Aug
Author: admin

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