The Silver Lake Chorus, profiled by LA Weekly:

The LA Weekly has a great new profile today on The Silver Lake Chorus, the community choir co-founded by Lost Moon drummer/singer/songwriter/vocal director/spiritual adviser Mikey Wells.

Photo Courtesy of the Silver Lake Chorus

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Dudes, Lauren Flans is currently engaged in a YouTube rap battle.  The forum: “Picture Battle,” in which contestants have to rap along with a randomly selected procession of Flickr photos. YOU SHOULD WATCH AND VOTE FOR HER.

Lauren’s opponent Deshawn Raw (who has entered the battle with a sizable, preexisting online following) currently has a narrow lead.  But Lauren’s craft is superior, and you don’t have to take my word for it.  Consider this feedback from the YouTube comments:

I wanted to vote for Deshawn because Im more familiar with his videos,and he’s hilarious……but I can’t lie,her flow is actually better!lol.Imma have to vote for her over D-Raw.”

Anyway, watch and come to your own conclusion.  But also know that there are a few comments like this:

Uh-oh. She’s good. But I voted for Deshawn ‘cause this is a man’s game, and next she’ll be wanting equal rap pay, and because I’m sure Deshawn will be voting for Obama and I don’t know her political affiliation, and ‘cause I couldn’t understand a couple things she said, and …

Oh shit!  Things just got (somewhat confusingly) political!  What I’m saying is, this may be a fundamental battle between good and evil, and you may now have a moral obligation to weigh in.

Author: Lost Moon Radio

Hey Tumblr-ers.

This is Lost Moon Radio. We do sketches and songs. This is our first post.

We’re coming to you from a theater in Hollywood where we’re in tech rehearsals for our latest show. We’ll put some audio and video from the show up soon. If you want to see it live, go here.

Nice to meet you guys.

Beep, beep,

The Lost Moonies

Author: Lost Moon Radio
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