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In 2012-2013, Lost Moon Radio aired a one-season podcast, boldly launching our pretend radio show into a purely aural medium. The podcast mirrors the form of our live show, with disc jockey/host/cosmic raconteur Jupiter Jack leading the audience through a series of songs, sketches, and interviews, all while meditating on a theme. If you’re new to the Lost Moon, the podcast is a great introduction to what LMR is all about. If you’re a longtime fan, it’s a great mix of Lost Moon classics and brand-new material.

You can stream or download each of the episodes right here on this page, and the whole season is also available on iTunes.

Episode 1: Frontiers

In which we meet our host Jupiter Jack (Will Greenberg), learn the truth about Che Guevara, travel with Lewis & Clark, and meet a real modern-day explorer.

Episode 2: Animals

In which we chat with an Animal Whisperer, hang out with a cat, celebrate the life of local broadcasting legend Jerry Winthrop, and tackle the age-old question “Which came first?”

Episode 3: Gatherings

In which Jupiter Jack contemplates family get-togethers at his brother David’s holiday party.

Episode 4: Life Cycles

In which we get born, fall in love, marry, divorce, die, etc.

Episode 5: Cars

In which Jack meets a weirdo at the DMV (Brock Wilbur), gets a smog check from his favorite mechanic (Jen Burton), and discusses the perils of the 405.

Episode 6: Science & Technology

In which conspiracy aficionado Rand LeBeau (Dan Oster) subs in for Jupiter Jack, we buy a new TV, and we get to know Charles Darwin (Frank Smith).

Episode 7: Crime

In which we plan a heist, interrogate a witness, and meet a cop who does things his own way.

Episode 8: Hauntings

In which you take a terrifying journey to the Other Side on your favorite theme park ride.

Episode 9: Secrets

In which a pair of celebrity bloggers (Lauren Flans and Ryan Harrison) reveal the deepest secrets of Kevin Spacey, Helen Mirren, and Ed Begley Sr.

Episode 10: Education

In which we conclude the season with a celebration of the letter Y, purity rings, and the great Jane Austen.

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