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Guys, making a musical sketch comedy show involves more than just writing sessions, rehearsals, and performances. It also involves post-show debriefs and brunches. Yes, there are suits of armor there.

Photo by Mikey Wells.

KFI’s Wayne Resnick dedicated the first 35 minutes of his show last night to a live Lost Moon Radio appearance, featuring artistic director Lauren Ludwig and writer-performers Frank Smith and Dan Oster (pictured with Wayne), as well as libertarian songwriter Arby Williams and science-fiction-writer-turned-political-candidate Raymond Kazamov. Wayne’s a fantastic host — cut from the same cloth as Jupiter Jack — and we had a blast.

You can listen to the whole episode here.

Enjoy this wonderful new dance pop single from Titled Sketch Project, written by Bobby Mort and performed by Laurel Coppock.  They’ve got an official video coming out late next week.  In the meantime, Dan Oster did these kinetic typography effects (a technique he’s currently applying to a Lauren Flans LMR track).

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