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Sapphire Sisters ARH 1


Hey, you seem like you could use some music and entertainment this weekend, and maybe just being in the company of some cool people. Consider the latest installment of SUNSETS AT GREAT SCOTT, on Sunday, November 20th, at 4pm. The line-up includes the Story Pirates, The Silver Lake Chorus, touring Nashville twosome Pilgrim, singer-songwriter Jesse Macht (your host), and our personal favorites…

THE SAPPHIRE SISTERS, Lost Moon Radio’s own beloved female folk duo (in a performance featuring Martha Marion, Jen Burton, Michael Wells, Dylan Ris, and Lauren Flans), who promise to surround your troubled heart in waves of pulsing harmony and sisterhood.

It’s all happening in a beautiful backyard-with-a-view in Echo Park, and it’s all FREE (thanks to a sponsorship from Airstream). There’s even free valet, or you can get 20% off a Lyft ride to and/or from the show with the code SSAGS. Warm clothes, picnic blankets, and beach chairs are encouraged.

Doesn’t that sound like a pretty great way to round out your weekend? More details here.

07 Nov / VOTE!For god’s sake, do it already.

Author: Lost Moon Radio


For god’s sake, do it already.

Thanks to everybody who came to see the final performance of our election show last night!

We’ve got more shows coming your way in the months ahead, including a live holiday celebration this December, and a full brand-new episode in the first few weeks of 2013.  (And if you just can’t get enough of Lost Moon Radio’s salutes to the US of A, mark your calendars for May, when we’ll be bringing Lost Moon Radio: America — one of our favorite episodes, featuring Jupiter Jack’s take on American history and his fateful 4th of July broadcast — to Costa Mesa’s Tony Award-winning South Coast Repertory theatre.)

In the meantime, we’ve got a new podcast debuting this week. Check it out.

Also, for the love of god, don’t forget to vote this Tuesday. Or all our political comedy has been for naught.

Tonight’s your final chance to experience the probing political analysis of Lost Moon Radio’s America Decides show:  Come for the thoughtful consideration of the issues, stay for the music and comedy (plus enjoy two bonus musical acts: buchanan & wife and The SixtyNineties).  It’s all happening tonight at 8:30 at Fais Do-Do.  Everything you need to finally make up your mind about who you’re voting for on Tuesday.

01 Nov / This pumpkin has a message for us.

Author: Lost Moon Radio

This pumpkin has a message for us. (animated gif by Bruce Willen)

Do you basically feel like this Colorado four year old?

Only a few days left, America. In the meantime, there’s solace. You can come to the final performance of Lost Moon Radio’s “America Decides” show this Saturday and we can all watch some politically-themed music and comedy and have a good cry together.

Via NPR, the news organization that made this small girl weep.

KFI’s Wayne Resnick dedicated the first 35 minutes of his show last night to a live Lost Moon Radio appearance, featuring artistic director Lauren Ludwig and writer-performers Frank Smith and Dan Oster (pictured with Wayne), as well as libertarian songwriter Arby Williams and science-fiction-writer-turned-political-candidate Raymond Kazamov. Wayne’s a fantastic host — cut from the same cloth as Jupiter Jack — and we had a blast.

You can listen to the whole episode here.

26 Oct / Satellite Episode: America Decides

Author: Lost Moon Radio

LMR’s first podcast mini-sode has arrived! Listen here:

Click Here to Download Our First Satellite Episode: America Decides in iTunes

Satellite Episode: America Decides — In which we listen to the pledge of allegiance, attend a press conference, and consider whether or not to vote.

Featuring the voices and musical performances of Will Greenberg, Dan Oster, Martha Marion, Jen Burton, Ryan Harrison, Lauren Flans, Dan Mahoney, Frank Smith, Lauren Ludwig, Gianna Masi, Ken Wells, Mikey Wells, Dave McKeever, Rich Ramberg, Dylan Ris, and Brenton Kossak. Produced by Dave McKeever. Directed by Lauren Ludwig. Musical Direction by Dylan Ris. Sketches and songs by Frank Smith, Ryan Harrison, Lauren Ludwig, Dylan Ris, Mikey Wells, and Rich Ramberg.

Material recorded in studio and live at KPCC’s Crawford Family Forum.

New full installments of Lost Moon Radio: The Podcast are released the first Wednesday of every month (so there’s a new one coming on Nov. 7th). Subscribe on iTunes to automatically receive every episode!

22 Oct / New Normal?

Author: Lost Moon Radio

If the climate of an election year is making you feel occasionally pessimistic about the future of our nation/humanity/all living things, do yourself a favor and listen to this incredible episode of Radiolab — “New Normal?” — which they just rebroadcast this weekend. (On a LMR personal note, this is Frank’s all-time favorite Radiolab episode.):

The YouTube Politics channel is promoting our new “Maybe I’ll Vote This Year” music video.  Their tweet:

Obviously, we appreciate that they think the video is hilarious, but we don’t see how they could find anything apathetic about Martha’s flagwaving. She climbed up to a roof and everything.

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