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12 Aug / We’re Hiring!

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Lost Moon Radio is hiring a Marketing and Press Relations Coordinator. It’s a part-time, paid position, and it could be you! Here is the job description:

Marketing and Press Relations Coordinator

Company Branding and Management

• Contribute to and execute the marketing and PR strategies of: the company and brand at large; individual live shows; digital content releases; and special events and promotions as needed.
• Join Weekly LMR Marketing Call as well as periodic meetings and additional calls.
• Serve as internal company coordinator to get all company members involved in marketing (emails, social media) and to hand out specific assignments to company members.

Social Media

• Maintain a regular, comprehensive, savvy, ambitious personal social media presence that fits the brand and increases Lost Moon brand awareness.
• Create and post content on the company social media platforms: Facebook, Facebook events, Twitter, and Tumblr.
• Expand social media following and engagement on Facebook and Twitter through increased interactions and other strategies.
• Explore and expand LMR presence on additional social medial platforms — Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, etc.


• Coordinate Marketing updates with Web Master, keeping the website up to date with information about Live Shows, New videos & special promotions.
• Review analytics to monitor for trends that lead to high traffic on the site.

YouTube Channel

• Upload new videos, making sure they are properly formatted, annotated, and labeled.
• Review analytics looking for trends, indications or repostings of videos and other opportunities.

Email Listserv

• Write and send out all Listserv emails promoting Live Shows, Videos, & Special Promotions.


• Oversee all aspects of merchandise: inventory, accounting, booth maintenance at the shows, etc.
• Explore and assess new merchandizing opportunities.

Press Relations

• Craft press releases for all live shows, digital launches, and special promotions.
• Distribute press releases to press, tastemakers, bloggers.


• Be a part of efforts to obtain branded sponsorships of Live Shows and Videos.
• Pursue efforts to form partnerships with other comedy groups or companies to cross promote, get free stuff, and whatever else.

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resumé to

Tickets to our all-new live show go on sale today!

From our first paper route to our last retirement party, we humans love to work. Also, we have to for sustenance. Come join Jupiter Jack and Lost Moon Radio’s joke-filled exploration of the rat race in Lost Moon Radio Gets a Job.

This new full-length episode runs Fridays & Saturdays, March 21 - April 12 at The Hudson Backstage (home of the Comedy Central stage) in Hollywood, 6539 Santa Monica Blvd. LA, CA 90038. We're also taking the show west of the 405 for a special, one-night-only performance at the Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica on Sunday, April 6th. And we'll be joined each night by an opening comic, with an amazing line-up that includes Ahmed Bharoocha, Rob Gleeson, Paul Cibis, Ryan O'Flanagan, Galloway Allbright, Benji Aflalo, and Richard Bain.

Sketches! Songs! Spreadsheets!

Lost Moon Radio Gets a Job. Cast: Jen Burton, Lauren Flans, Dan Oster, Frank Smith and Connor White. Band: Michael “Mikey” Wells, Brenton Kossak, David Richman, Dylan Ris, Matt Hayes, and Eric Kalver. Songs by Dylan Ris, Ryan Harrison, Frank Smith, Michael Wells, Dan Oster, Rich Ramberg, and Duke Doyle. Sketches and Jupiter Jack material by Martha Marion, Frank Smith, Ryan Harrison, Dan Oster, Dylan Ris, Paul Cibis, Jeff Stone, and Duke Doyle. Additional contributions by Isaac Laskin, Kat Vondy, Mason Flink, Leslie Korein and Galloway Allbright. Stage Manager: Hayley Waters. Lighting Designer: Brandon Baruch. Lighting Assistant: Ben Durham. Sound Designer & Engineer: David McKeever. Music Director: Dylan Ris. Vocal Director: Michael “Mikey” Wells. Produced by David McKeever & Monica Miklas. Directed by Lauren Ludwig.

Special Thanks to Brooke Seguin, Tom DeTrinis, and 30 Minute Musicals; Ken Wells & Chris Benson; Johnny Clark & VS. Theatre Company; Diavolo Dance Theatre; Sue Ellen & Loc Waters; James Asmus; Matt McKenna; John Miklas; Gianna Masi; Will Greenberg; Rich Ramberg; Hudson Theatres; Theatre Asylum; and Mackenzie Halfhide.

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