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Watch a full video of our latest all-new show!  This Science & Technology themed episode was recorded live at KPCC’s Crawford Family Forum during an encore performance Saturday night.

It’s an all new episode of CSI: CSNY!                     

Lost Moon Radio is coming back to KPCC’s Crawford Family Forum on March 23rd. Here’s an audio tidbit from our last visit there. (And for those who aren’t watching CSI:CSNY on CBS yet, you’re missing out. They’ve really been fleshing out the mythology around Crosby’s mustache and the relationship with its mysteriously murdered father.)

01 Oct / In the 24th Century, All Radio Is Public Radio

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TNG CastJohn Rabe got so excited about the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation (this past Friday) that he dedicated a full half of this week’s Off-Ramp to it:

Behind the Scenes of the (Admittedly Impressive) TNG Blu-Ray Restoration, which involved a ground-up rebuild from the original 35mm print

Rewatching TNG Season 1

Interviews with Rod Roddenberry and Gates McFadden

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