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Dudes, Lauren Flans is currently engaged in a YouTube rap battle.  The forum: “Picture Battle,” in which contestants have to rap along with a randomly selected procession of Flickr photos. YOU SHOULD WATCH AND VOTE FOR HER.

Lauren’s opponent Deshawn Raw (who has entered the battle with a sizable, preexisting online following) currently has a narrow lead.  But Lauren’s craft is superior, and you don’t have to take my word for it.  Consider this feedback from the YouTube comments:

I wanted to vote for Deshawn because Im more familiar with his videos,and he’s hilarious……but I can’t lie,her flow is actually better!lol.Imma have to vote for her over D-Raw.”

Anyway, watch and come to your own conclusion.  But also know that there are a few comments like this:

Uh-oh. She’s good. But I voted for Deshawn ‘cause this is a man’s game, and next she’ll be wanting equal rap pay, and because I’m sure Deshawn will be voting for Obama and I don’t know her political affiliation, and ‘cause I couldn’t understand a couple things she said, and …

Oh shit!  Things just got (somewhat confusingly) political!  What I’m saying is, this may be a fundamental battle between good and evil, and you may now have a moral obligation to weigh in.

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