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SIDE OF THE STORY, the indie folk duo featuring Mason Flink and (LMR stage manager and vocalist-secret-weapon) Gianna Masi is performing tomorrow night at Bar Lubitsch. You’ll recall that last year when we shared a bill with them, they performed a pretty extraordinary set of folk covers of pop hits all dedicated to the life of probably gay U.S. President James Buchanan. Now they’re back with a new slate of material they’re dubbing “CH. 2 : ALL ABOUT ANNE,” dedicated to Puritan iconoclast Anne Hutchinson.

Tuesday, July 23 @ 9pm
Bar Lubitsch
7702 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA
$8 at the door

For a taste, watch a video of their take on Nirvana’s “All Apologies” performed WITHOUT AIR-CONDITIONING.

Best of Craigslist Live

You can catch Lauren Flans rapping live this Saturday in a really funny show called The Best of Craigslist: Live! Created by the illustrious John Pick (whom you may recognize as a member of the Egg’s posse in LMR’s “Which Came First?” music video), the show features real-life Craigslist posts brought to life by some truly great performers. Saturday’s show is also Lauren’s rapping debut backed by amazingly talented beatboxer Joshua Silverstein.

MiMoDa Studio (behind Paper or Plastik Cafe)
5772 Pico Blvd.
Sat, July 13th
8:30 p.m.
Tickets $15.

FEATURING: John Pick, Hutchi Hancock, Rell Battle, Bob Kundrat, Levi Petree, Taylor Coffman, Alice Johnson Boher, Johnny Dinan, and Lauren Flans. Directed and Produced by John Pick, with Rory Mitchell, Ian Forester, and Tiffany Moon.

Today’s LA Weekly says “GO” to ROGER WODEHOUSE’S ANDROGYMNASIUM, calling it a “spoof children’s TV program that you can only pray no child ever sees” and “a show that flawlessly walks the funny/offensive line. Better yet, you’ll be so busy laughing that you’ll hardly notice that the show is knitting in hot-topic social issues of sexuality.” They also give a shout-out to the show’s frequent partial nudity, which we appreciate.

You can read the full review on p.48 of the current issue, or find it online here (just scroll down to the photo of Roger). And of course, you can get tickets to our 3 remaining performances, this weekend and next, here:


Audiences react to Roger Wodehouse’s Androgymnasium at last Saturday’s sold-out opening.

Reviews from the show:

"It’s Glamtastic!"

“Bawdy, witty and inspired humor."

“Just when you think it can’t get any funnier, it does."

consistently one of the best acts at the Hollywood Fringe. If you
want to laugh till it hurts, SEE THIS SHOW."

Our next performance is tomorrow night! You can read more reviews (and get tickets) here.

Saturday night was the opening of Roger Wodehouse’s Androgymnasium (part of Hollywood Fringe Preview Week) and we had a blast playing to a sold-out crowd.  Here they are gathered outside the theater beforehand.

You can read audience reviews of the performance here and get tickets to our five remaining performances here. The next one is this Friday night!

Hey! Did you know LMR’s Mikey Wells moonlights (along with the very talented Heather Ogilvy) as part of the indie folk duo BELLFLOWER? You can see them this Tuesday night at Room 5, performing with a great line-up of songwriters (including Jesse Macht, Danni Rosner, and Ari Herstand) who will be playing tunes round-robin style. Details:

21 and over, $10.
Room 5 Lounge
143 North La Brea Ave (above Amalfi restaurant)
doors at 8:30, show starts at 9.

Tickets available at the door or online here:

Watch a full video of our latest all-new show!  This Science & Technology themed episode was recorded live at KPCC’s Crawford Family Forum during an encore performance Saturday night.

Saturday night we wrapped our run at Fais Do Do, but we got some nice press.  Check out this write-up from Los Angeles Magazine.

It’s the final night of our two-weekend run at Fais Do Do, and we’re going out with a bang.  At 8:30pm, check out our all-new installment of original sketch comedy and rock n’ roll (Lost Moon Radio, Episode 13: Science & Technology) immediately followed by the triumphant return of the Lincoln Bedroom playing a kickass afterparty set.

It’s Saturday night. Treat yourself to some jokes, reasonably priced drinks, and feel-good rock. Whatever else you were gonna do can wait till Sunday.

Tonight’s Lost Moon Radio performance is more than just a comedy show.  It’s a whole evening’s entertainment.  Watch our all-new “Science & Technology” episode, then grab a drink or two at the Fais Do Do bar and stick around for the musical stylings of singer-songwriter Mike Schadel, a.k.a. Mr. Mike.  Check out his music here.

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