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The Sapphire Sisters

Since the late ’90s, The Sapphire Sisters’ Daughters of Our Mothers Festival has provided an annual opportunity for female-identifying musicians to find strength in harmony and sisterhood in song. And the coming together of this sacred community of esoteric folk musicians may never have been so important as it is this year. Just read the news, you guys. Now is a time for us to be marching, joining hands, setting cop cars on fire, and above all lifting our voices to sing. Because whether you’re a son, a daughter, a sister, a grandmother, or a father – we’re all daughters of our mothers.

This year’s line-up includes headliners The Sapphire Sisters, with special guests January Schonfeld and more!

March 16 – 18
Lyric Hyperion Theatre & Cafe
2106 Hyperion Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

7:30PM – doors open!
8:00PM – show starts
(The Lyric Hyperion is open early – stop by for a drink before the show!)

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: $13 (available until 2/21)

“These harmonies fight fascists”
$1 of each ticket sold will go toward supporting the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.


The Sapphire Sisters are a creation of Lost Moon Radio and the festival features the talents of Jen Burton, Martha Marion, Lauren Flans, Leslie Korein, Lauren Ludwig, Jamie Hultgren, Ryan Harrison, Frank Smith, Dan Oster, Mikey Wells, Dylan Ris, Brandon Baruch, Dave McKeever, and Tori Lyon.


In which we celebrate the letter Y, purity rings, and Jane Austen.

With performances by Will Greenberg, Martha Marion, Frank Smith, Ryan Harrison, Jen Burton, Dan Oster, Lauren Flans, Dylan Ris, Mikey Wells, Brenton Kossack, Rich Ramberg, and Dave McKeever. Written by Martha Marion, Frank Smith, Ryan Harrison, Lauren Flans, Dylan Ris, Rich Ramberg and Mikey Wells. Directed by Martha Marion. Produced by Dave McKeever.

In which he learn about Kevin Spacey’s, Helen Mirren’s, and Ed Begley Jr.’s deepest secrets. 

Performances by Will Greenberg, Ryan Harrison, Lauren Flans, Frank Smith, Jen Burton, Dan Mahoney, Dan Oster, Martha Marion, Mikey Wells, Dylan Ris, Brenton Kossak and Rich Ramberg. Words by Dan Oster, Frank Smith, Ryan Flans and Dylan Ris. Directed by Dan Oster. Produced by Mikey Wells, Dylan Ris, and Dave McKeever.

In which Rand LeBeau (Dan Oster) subs in for Jupiter Jack, we buy a new TV, and get to know Charles Darwin (Frank Smith).

Featuring performances by Dan Oster, Jen Burton, Lauren Flans, Dan Mahoney, Frank Smith, Ryan Harrison, Dave McKeever, Dylan Ris, Rich Ramberg, Brenton Kossak, and Mikey Wells. Words and music by Frank Smith, Dan Oster, Lauren Ludwig, Ryan Harrison, Dylan Ris and Rich Ramberg. Music Direction by Dylan Ris. Directed by Martha Marion, Frank Smith, and Lauren Ludwig. Produced by Dave McKeever. 

Sketches and songs recorded live at Cafe-Club Fais Do-Do.

In which Jack (Will Greenberg) meets a weirdo at the DMV (Brock Wilbur), gets a smog check from his favorite mechanic (Jen Burton), and discusses the perils of the 405.

Featuring the performances of Will Greenberg, Dave McKeever, Jen Burton, Dan Oster, Dan Mahoney, Frank Smith, Ryan Harrison, Mikey Wells, Dylan Ris, Rich Ramberg, Jasmin Guevara, Brenton Kossak, and Lauren Ludwig. Special guest performance by Brock Wilbur. Produced by Dave McKeever. Directed by Lauren Ludwig & Frank Smith. Music Direction by Dylan Ris. Words and music by Frank Smith, Ryan Harrison, Lauren Ludwig, Rich Ramberg, Mikey Wells, and Dylan Ris.
The Silver Lake Chorus, profiled by LA Weekly:

The LA Weekly has a great new profile today on The Silver Lake Chorus, the community choir co-founded by Lost Moon drummer/singer/songwriter/vocal director/spiritual adviser Mikey Wells.

Photo Courtesy of the Silver Lake Chorus

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