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In an age of political gridlock, we’re at least moving forward on one important front: Dan Oster is playing Bill Clinton, and you can see him do it every Thursday night in Hollywood.

President Hillarynow playing at Second City Hollywood, is set in January 2017, in the first 24 hours of Hillary Clinton’s presidency, as she takes on China, climate change, Bill, Chelsea, and the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt! See these events now a full 27 months before they come to pass! 

The show is playing every Thursday at 8pm through December 18th (with the exception of Thanksgiving because America). Tickets are $10 and available on the Second City website. Also $5 discount tickets are available for many nights on Goldstar.

President Hillary stars the very talented Molly Erdman as Hillary with Josh Callahan, Julian Clark, Andy Cobb, Rachna Khatau, Jessie Sherman, Bobby Huynh and, as previously discussed, Lost Moon Radio’s own Dan Oster. It’s written by Marc Warzecha & Andy Cobb and directed by Marc Warzecha, with music by Michael Pollock. The musical director is Ben Bromfield and the assistant director and choreographer is Rani O’Brien.

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