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La Weekly has named And the Drum — the immersive, experimental theater and dance production co-written by Lost Moon Radio’s own Lauren Ludwig and Martha Marion, produced by Monica Miklas, and based on Martha’s poetry — as one of the five “coolest and most creative experimental” works produced in Los Angeles in 2016. Nice! So let the record show, it’s not all novelty songs and yuk-’em-ups from Lost Moon company members. Sometimes they also make avant-garde theater, and when they do, it is ACCLAIMED.

You can read the full write-up here.

Hey! The San Francisco Chronicle listed Lost Moon Radio as one of their Top 5 contemporary ways to experience the magic of radio. Nice! We officially retract all the jokes we’ve ever made about the Hearst Corporation.

By the way, we’re kicking off our 2014 live performance schedule in the Chronicle's own backyard with an appearance at SF Sketchfest. More details soon!

More coverage of Episode 13, which wrapped its run at Fais Do Do this weekend, from

Saturday night we wrapped our run at Fais Do Do, but we got some nice press.  Check out this write-up from Los Angeles Magazine.

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