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Some loves you can’t tear asunder. COHEN AND TRUMP FOREVER!! Stop trying to break them apart, haters! Billy and his on-again-off-again girlfriend Kelly have a brand-new duet that will shut up all the doubting elites. Watch, share, and fight the lies!


Make America Rock Again: Don’t Flip on Me

Directed by Trish Hadley

“Don’t Flip on Me” Music & Lyrics by Dylan Ris, Dan Oster, Frank Smith, and Ryan Harrison
Vocal Arrangement by Michael Wells
Additional Material by Dan Oster, Frank Smith, and Martha Marion

Dan Oster as Billy Freehold
Martha Marion as Kelly
Dylan Ris — Guitar
Ryan Harrison — Bass

Director of Photography — Michael Garcia
Sound — Dave McKeever
Editor — Dan Oster
Lighting Design — Robert Edgecomb
Costume Design — Rachel Weir
B-Camera Operator — Richard Aaron
C-Camera Operator — Chelsea Lutz
P.A. — Chelsea Weidanz
Production Photographer — Trisha Harrison
Producer — Trish Hadley
Executive Producers — Lauren Ludwig, Dan Oster, and Frank Smith

Special Thanks to Darren Crane

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