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In the spirit of the month of love, we’re excited to premiere our new video “You’re A Virgin,” starring Dan Oster and Lauren Flans, directed by the talented Kat Vondy! Be sure to share on all the social medias and, if you haven’t already, subscribe to LOST MOON RADIO on YouTube! And stay tuned for some exciting news on what we’ve been up to since the New Year!

And should this video only whet your appetite for more sensual Lost Moon Radio offerings as we approach the most romantic of weekends, we went ahead and put together a Valentine’s Day Playlist of our holiday-appropriate material. Enjoy it with someone you love.

Dan Oster, Lauren Flans

Directed by Kat Vondy

Written by Frank Smith and Ryan Harrison
Produced by Samantha Niemoeller
Shot by Curtis Sherman
Cut by Kat Vondy
Sound Recorded and Mixed by Dave McKeever
Camera Operator was Michael Sherman
Boom Operator was Lisa Gumm
Original Music by Michael Wells
Color Correction by Kat Vondy and Curtis Sherman
Additional Visual Effects by Dan Oster
Special Thanks to Craig Harrison

Question: What’s the most romantic spot in Los Angeles?  Answer: Tonight, it’s the all-new Lost Moon Radio “Science & Technology” show at Fais Do Do. There will be comedy. There will be music. There will be a bar. Special guest DJ Nightpants is spinning ultra-sensual sets both before and after the show. Bring a date and impress him/her with your sophisticated appreciation of all the Darwin references. Or come alone and mingle with the hipster singles who share your taste for dry comedy and messy rock performed by people in labcoats. Yes, the theme is Science & Technology, but tonight … the emphasis is on chemistry.

We mean sexual chemistry. I don’t know if that was clear.

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