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Strap in, Crooked H Flunkies! You tried to bring down our Commander-In-Chief, but he has a secret weapon — charismatic legal genius Rudy Giuliani! Rudy’s back and he’s as unstoppable as Trump’s tariffs AND THE WALL!!!!


Make America Rock Again: Rudy’s Back!

Directed by Duke Doyle
Produced by Trish Hadley

“Rudy’s Back” Music & Lyrics by Dylan Ris, Dan Oster, Frank Smith, and Ryan Harrison
Additional Material by Dan Oster and Frank Smith

Dan Oster as Billy Freehold
Rafael Herrera as Giuliani Impersonator
Craig Harrison as Ivan the Bartender

The Band:
Dylan Ris — Electric Guitar
Ryan Harrison — Acoustic Guitar
James Smith — Bass
Michael Wells — Drums
Taylor Plenn — Saxophone

Chorus: Galloway Allbright, Chelsea Lutz, Tad Shafer, Frank Smith, and Laurel Vail

Director of Photography — Michael Garcia
Sound — Dave McKeever
Editor — Dan Oster
Lighting Design — Tad Shafer
Costume Design — Rachel Weir
B-Camera Operator — Richard Aaron
C-Camera Operator — Chelsea Lutz
Vocal Director — Michael Wells
Executive Producers — Lauren Ludwig, Dan Oster, and Frank Smith

Special Thanks to Darren Crane

In the spirit of the month of love, we’re excited to premiere our new video “You’re A Virgin,” starring Dan Oster and Lauren Flans, directed by the talented Kat Vondy! Be sure to share on all the social medias and, if you haven’t already, subscribe to LOST MOON RADIO on YouTube! And stay tuned for some exciting news on what we’ve been up to since the New Year!

And should this video only whet your appetite for more sensual Lost Moon Radio offerings as we approach the most romantic of weekends, we went ahead and put together a Valentine’s Day Playlist of our holiday-appropriate material. Enjoy it with someone you love.

Dan Oster, Lauren Flans

Directed by Kat Vondy

Written by Frank Smith and Ryan Harrison
Produced by Samantha Niemoeller
Shot by Curtis Sherman
Cut by Kat Vondy
Sound Recorded and Mixed by Dave McKeever
Camera Operator was Michael Sherman
Boom Operator was Lisa Gumm
Original Music by Michael Wells
Color Correction by Kat Vondy and Curtis Sherman
Additional Visual Effects by Dan Oster
Special Thanks to Craig Harrison

The new season of Wild ‘N Out – featuring Lost Moon Radio’s Lauren Flans – premieres tonight on MTV2 at 11:00pm ET/PT. The season is kicking off with a pair of back-to-back episodes, both of which heavily feature Lauren (as demonstrated in this blistering face-off with KingBach). #WildNOut

This is it, guys. The shocking Season Finale of DAN’S CAT VIDEOS. A new foe emerges, and DeNiro faces his greatest challenge yet – it’s the cliffhanger you’ll be talking about all summer! #danscats

Obviously, we’re sad to be leaving these lovable felines for the time being, but there’s more from Lost Moon Radio on the horizon. You can see the show live in LA on Saturday, May 30th. Click here for details.

DeNiro and Patches try to figure out who’s sweepiest. (Answer: it’s both of them, you guys!!) #danscats

NEW DAN’S CATS EPISODE! Apparently a lot of people are getting a dog
commercial as the YouTube ad right before this vid. Sorry about that. Guess it’s twice the
animals though LOL! ‪#‎danscats

06 Apr / Mondays, amiright?

Author: Lost Moon Radio

Mondays, amiright? The only good part is that we’re less than 48 hours from the next Dan’s Cat Video! (If you missed last week’s, you can check out all of Patches’s antics here. She touches the water with her paw you guys!!)

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new series DAN’S CAT VIDEOS! The first two are live now. We’re releasing more every Wednesday for the next two months. Enjoy! #danscats

Here’s a trailer for our new digital series Dan’s Cat Videos. It drops Wednesday 3/25. Enjoy!

We asked Lost Moon Radio company member Dan Mahoney to make some cat videos for us. He totally did it and now we’re showing them at our Cat Video-themed St. Patrick’s Day Video Launch Party! Join us!

Cat Video Launch Party
Golden Road Brewing
5410 W. San Fernando Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Tuesday, March 17th

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